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VR exhibitions

The best VR product for galleries

Hang an exhibition or a fair booth in less than 15 min.

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Get discovered by buyers from the world's largest art collector community

Connect and message serious collectors from around the world. Gain access to the world's largest community of collectors. They can visit your exhibitions and inquire and buy your available artworks.

Let collectors visit your gallery from anywhere in the world

Make it possible for collectors, curators, critics and art lovers to visit your exhibitions as if being there in person, anytime, anywhere.

Qualified leads vetted by our sales team

By uploading your artists' works you will automatically boost discoverability and accessibility to the world's largest online community of private collectors as well as your own audience. Inquire options like Buy Now and Make Offer, as well as installment plan requests, let visitors and clients collect your artists' works with ease.

Create Vivid Virtual Exhibitions with the latest and most versatile technology

Artland VR Exhibitions give you limitless possibilities to compose and install compelling virtual exhibitions to enhance your online programming. Create a parallel program to your physical space, make elevated private client offerings in the primary or secondary market, or even use as an exhibition planning tool. With VR Exhibitions editor and its intuitive interface, supplementing and enhancing your online activities has never been easier and more accessible.

Create Beautifully Simple Online-Only Exhibitions

In a virtual gallery environment install coherent solo exhibitions, thematic group shows or secondary market offerings for your collectors to visit digitally. Fully flexible and user-friendly, Artland's Online Viewing Rooms allow you to display artworks sequentially to optimize their remote viewing in a convincing, elegant and highly navigable virtual environment.

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60 /month

Marketplace, Viewing Rooms and more

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  • Management of Gallery Profile

  • Exhibitions featured on Artland and in the Art Guide

  • Installation images on exhibitions

  • Free use of marketplace and unlimited uploads

  • Access to Collector Community

  • Automatically send update push-notifications to collectors

  • Viewing Rooms - Exclusive online exhibitions

  • 10% Sales Commission

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Premium 3D

207 /month

3D exhibition recordings and more

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  • Basic Plan

  • Unlimited hosting space

  • 3D recordings of exhibitions

  • Installation images & MP4 Video for social media

  • Easily publish and use on your own gallery website

  • Accessible in a browser across all devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

  • Keep and share a virtual 3D library of all your exhibitions for client reference and artist archive

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Virtual Reality exhibitions

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  • Selection of Artland-designed virtual reality template spaces

  • Unlimited exhibitions and hosting space per year

  • Install, compose, edit and frame compellingly real exhibitions for yourself in less than 30 minutes with our intuitive VR Exhibition Editor

  • Duplicate spaces for new installations and full archiving of previous installations

  • Easily publish and use on your own gallery website

  • Accessible in a browser across all devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

  • Option for custom-built spaces

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