About Artland

We source and trade art that moves you. Everyone deserves to be moved by art. Hence, we source art from across the world make it available to you - no matter where you are or what you are moved by. We move galleries closer to their global audience.

We move collectors closer to each other. We move art lovers closer to the art world.

About Artland

Who we are

We are collectors, entrepreneurs, art experts and engineers. Together we are all art lovers and through creativity and technology we are changing how the art world is perceived, supported and navigated.

Art exists to evoke our feelings. We exist to enable collectors and art lovers to feel them, understand them, and act upon them in new ways. In all its complexity, we believe art can be unpretentious, accessible, and simple.

What we believe in

Everyone deserves to be moved by art.

Art exists to evoke our feelings - it moves us all. We exist to access, grow and share this aspect of our humanity with an ever widening array of digital tools - to make new connections through technology. In spite of art's complexity and variety, we believe a true passion for it can be unpretentious, and access to it encouraged and facilitated.

We believe everyone can transform from an aesthetician to a collector. We believe everyone can take part in art. No matter if you are an artist, amateur, collector, connoisseur, fan or challenger, we believe everyone deserves to be moved.

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Nastasia Tecci
Head of Support

Sales and Partnerships

Claus Busch Risvig
Head of Sales


Benedetta Ricci
Head of Content


Mads Rasmussen

3D Department

Chiara Gatto
3D Manager


Thomas Fausbøll