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Create Vivid Virtual Exhibitions with the latest and most versatile technology

Artland VR Exhibitions give you limitless possibilities to compose and install compelling virtual exhibitions to enhance your online programming. Create a parallel program to your physical space, make elevated private client offerings in the primary or secondary market, or even use as an exhibition planning tool. With VR Exhibitions Editor and its intuitive interface, supplementing and enhancing your online activities has never been easier and more accessible.

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What is Artland VR

Template Spaces or Custom Gallery, all cloned as many times as you like

Use our beautiful custom galleries, selecting from numerous design permutations according to your aesthetic, or the suitability for your show. Replicate your own physical space with stunning attention to detail, or devise an entirely fictitious idealised space according to your wishes. The only limits are your imagination.

Hang an exhibition in 30 mins or less

Artland VR Exhibitions not only revolutionises and adds sophistication to the digital communication of exhibition content, but the editor tool makes it easy and efficient to do so. Load limitless exhibitions and presentations through the uploading of regular JPGs into the intuitive Artland CMS, edit and arrange accurately with the measuring grid, and even add frames. A show can be hung in 30 minutes - it really is that simple.

Receive real time requests from visitors

Collectors can inquire after individual works in the attached information tags, or they can use the notification system to request contact from gallery personnel. Receive immediate emails with the client’s clear wishes relayed directly to you.

Embed on your own website

Artland VR Exhibitions are the industry’s most readily accessible and versatile presentation tool, with no need for collectors to access through cumbersome third party apps. They can be added directly to your gallery website through universally applicable iframe technology, so you can offer your virtual program as a key part of your proprietary online identity.

View on desktop or mobile devices with a single click

Artland VR Exhibitions can be powered by all kinds of personal computers and mobile devices. Viewable in a browser, all you need to do is supply a link for your clients. Have them enter your exhibitions with a mere click, and they will be walking around the exhibition or presentation you have prepared for them in seconds.

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