Artland 3D

Enable a Global Audience to Visit Your Exhibitions

Make it possible for collectors, curators, critics and art lovers to visit exhibitions in your gallery premises anytime, anywhere with our leading 3D technology. Recordings are made fast and efficiently all over the world by our trained technicians. Share your exhibitions with your audience and ours, online forever.

Create an Unrivalled Archive of Your Exhibitions

Artland 3D not only revolutionizes the digital communication of exhibition content but also the documentation and archiving of it. Hosting exhibitions is at the heart of every gallery’s core mission of representing artists—whether for gallery, artist, collector, museum or media, in Artland 3D your gallery’s exhibitions can live forever.

Article media
Article media

Use Your Recordings on Your Own Gallery Website

At Artland we understand that galleries take pride in their own unique brand and aesthetic identity. We give you the means to add your recordings to your own websites in a simple, user-friendly way. Embedding the recordings to your gallery website has the important benefit of increasing organic web traffic to your site.

Use the tags to showcase specific information about the artworks

Facilitate and drive sales with the use of tags for visitors to directly request artworks. Use the tags to show the information about the work and lead the visitor directly into a page where they can request the work directly.

Article media
Article media

Share engaging content on Social Media

Artland 3D recordings also generate vibrant summary videos of the exhibition overview. Optimized for social media these eye-catching videos drive additional interest and engagement.

Sabrina Amrani GallerySean KellyGalerie Thomas Schulte
Galleri Nils StærkGalleri Brandstrup OsloVIELMETTER LOS ANGELES
Buchmann GalerieKukje GalleryKristin Hjellegjerde

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