Artland Viewing Room

Create Beautifully Simple Online-Only Exhibitions

In a virtual gallery environment install coherent solo exhibitions, thematic group shows or secondary market offerings for your collectors to visit digitally. Fully flexible and user-friendly, Artland's Online Viewing Rooms allow you to display artworks sequentially to optimize their remote viewing in a convincing, elegant and highly navigable virtual environment.

Use only JPGs, and little of your time

Simply add cropped JPGs, or transparent PNG files for irregular wall-mounted works, plus basic catalogue information to our CMS and our technology does the rest, scaling and placing the work in a crisp gallery environment.

Article media
Article media

Receive Direct Inquiries

Make better and more compelling presentations to your collectors, and easily receive their inquiries as they click to register their interest, directly to you, with our intuitive user flow.

"Explore" Sections

Build a narrative around your artists and their production. Add rich content consisting of images, videos quotations and texts to substantiate the story you tell around artworks, studio practice, art history, archival information, or from any perspective you deem relevant. Simply drag and drop the modular elements in any sequence using our unique and simple CMS system.

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Sabrina Amrani GallerySean KellyGalerie Thomas Schulte
Galleri Nils StærkGalleri Brandstrup OsloVIELMETTER LOS ANGELES
Buchmann GalerieKukje GalleryKristin Hjellegjerde

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