The Online Top 100 Press Release

Artland Launches "The Online Top 100": the Definitive List Ranking the Art World's Online Performance – An Essential Benchmarking Index for this Crucial and Growing Sector of the Industry.

The newest, essential data tool for industry insiders, Artland's "Online Top 100" list ranks the best online performing galleries and fairs based on an objective assessment of the traffic and level of interest they generate, setting unprecedented benchmarks for high digital performance.

April 26, 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark — Artland is delighted to introduce The Online Top 100, the ultimate date tool that tracks the digital footprint and online performance of the key players in the industry and monitors their trends and developments.

As the art world becomes increasingly digitalised and the online market continues to expand – increasing by 7% in 2021 to an estimated $13.3 billion according to the 2022 Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report – all actors in the field have increased their engagement in digital marketing and invested more in building a strong online presence. But success is nothing without a way to measure it.

To serve this purpose, The Online Top 100 introduces a new, definitive measure of an organisation's digital strategy and its success based on key performance indicators. This innovative tool for competitive analysis and market research also represents a further step in Artland's long-standing journey towards making the art world more accessible through online reach, communication and efficiency. Combining extrapolated data relating to web traffic, backlinks, and social media performance of over 4000 international contemporary art galleries and fairs, Artland's list Artland - The Online Top 100 Press Release - April 2022 profiles the one metric that matters - how effective the combination of these constituents proves to be.

As Mattis Curth, CEO and Co-Founder of Artland says, "Based upon an entirely objective analysis, The Online Top 100 makes performance stats and insights clear and easily accessible to industry insiders, their customers and public alike".

How the Site Score™ Works

Using a unique technology developed over three years (technology developed by, the list ranks the art industry key players based on a benchmarking score from 0 to 100, which reflects metrics from the following three primary areas:

  • Web Traffic - For each website, the algorithm analyses all keywords and estimated organic traffic based on their rank.
  • Social Media - For each gallery and fair, the algorithm monitors followers, engagement, and post consistency of the top-performing social media platform between Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Backlinks - For each website, the algorithm tracks backlinks and measures the domain authority of each linking site.

The Online Top 100 is the result of third-party data processing, which makes it an entirely objective, impartial, and trustworthy tool in the industry.

Each month, Artland will spotlight the notable changes in the composition of the gallery and fair list, highlighting the top performers, the new entries, the trending, the biggest rise and fall, the returnees, and much more.

About Artland

Based in Copenhagen, Artland is the world's most technologically advanced contemporary art marketplace. Since 2016, Artland has partnered with international galleries and art fairs, enhancing their digital reach and providing them with best-in-class tools for displaying and selling art, from elegant Online Viewing Rooms to accurate 3D recordings and cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology.

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How many galleries are taken into consideration, and why are they included?

The Online Top 100 is the result of data processing performed on online data from around 4000 galleries worldwide. From a rather exhaustive list of art fair participant lists, online marketplaces and other sources of data, these 4000 galleries can reasonably be considered those that any industry-wide consensus would include.

Which metrics are analysed?

Each gallery's Site Score™ is based on metrics belonging to three main areas: organic traffic, social media performance, and backlink quantity and quality.
Specifically, for each gallery's website, we track keywords and the estimated traffic based on their rank, also comparing them to the most popular keywords in the industry. Furthermore, we track backlinks and quality check the domain authority of each website linking. Lastly, we monitor followers, engagement, and post consistency of each gallery's top-performing social media platform.

How is data extrapolated and from where?

Data is extrapolated through an algorithm performing a combination of data scraping and data crawling. The algorithm has been exclusively developed by leapTM.

How often is The Online Top 100 updated?

The Online Top 100 is updated monthly.

Which factors do not influence The Online Top 100 list?

The Online Top 100 does not take into account paid digital ads and galleries’ annual revenue.

Why is The Online Top 100 valid?

The Online Top 100 is based upon data from 4000 galleries worldwide. The data, sourced online, is assessed in an entirely objective way, which makes the list an unbiased and valid tool.

Why is it important to have benchmarks for online performance, and why is it useful for the art world?

Benchmarking is the practice of comparing business processes and performance metrics to an industry's best-performing companies. All the key players in the art world that continually seek to improve their online strategy and build a strong online presence can benefit from The Online Top 100 as a unique benchmarking tool to measure and evaluate their business's current capabilities within the industry and identify new opportunities or areas for improvement.

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The Online Top 100 Press Release