Ways to Scale

Ways to Scale

A solo exhibition of London and Amsterdam-based artist Kate Cooper whose work reflects critically on the rapid development of digital media, performativity of gender, and representations of femininity. Exploring the position of the female body in the history of digital image technology and the labour and politics inherent within commercial production, Cooper is interested in what new propositions of refusal, sabotage or autonomy this form of working might propose.

In this new work, ‘Ways to Scale’, Cooper explores a type of genetic alteration which happens amongst cephalopods – squid, octopi, cuttlefish and nautiluses where they have the ability to alter the genetic makeup of their cells, fine-tuning the information encoded by their genes without altering the genes themselves. To build a Computer Generated (CG) jellyfish and to render it takes approximately 42 hours and costs as little as $16. Purchased and animated, taken and situated, framed and rendered, creating spaces, voices, postures and positions; characters have the ability to be rendered and re-rendered. This space becomes a container; a site of infrastructure.

Having established an international presence, exhibiting across Europe and the US, Cooper has produced a new body of work comprising of computer generated material for her first solo exhibition within the UK. Produced specifically for VITRINE, Cooper responds directly with the gallery’s environment, tackling its public presence, the gallery wall, the jellyfish, CGI and machine learning.

The wall is an ubiquitous space – a place for an announcement, gentrification and both commercial and direct address. Computer generated bodies and hyperreal imagery exist within this ambiguous space of public presentation- not a billboard but perhaps a display. Like CG bodies, the gallery space itself is re-directed and hijacked.

Ways to Scale

  • Vitrine | London's Exhibitions 6

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