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Gilda Contemporary Art presents “Volti” ("Faces"), a solo exhibition by photographer Kristina E. Bychkova, curated by Cristina Gilda Artese.

The Gallery Gilda Contemporary Art, since its debut in 2017, has stood out for the particular attention given to female artists.

"Volti" project by Kristina E. Bychkova, born in 1995, of Russian origin, but who has lived and worked in Italy for years, directly addresses an important issue of contemporary society: the role of women in professional world.

The project stems from the desire to investigate the soul and identity of women through their gaze: contemporary society is told through the faces of a series of women engaged in different fields.

Women who have distinguished themselves in various professional sectors, from the business world and public administration, to the cultural and scientific world, are portrayed by Kristina E. Bychkova in mainly outdoor environments and in naturalistic contexts, and only occasionally in closed spaces, to restore their character complexity that combines work, affection and interiority. In her shots Kristina E. Bychkova expresses the delicate inner beauty of the subjects, showing the grace and sweetness as positive resources of women who stand out for their great strength, energy and tenacity they show in their work. Art can show reality from different points of view and, through the photographic medium, Kristina E. Bychkova brings out a hidden side of the people portrayed, showing the depth of soul by capturing them in particular revealing moments.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication edited by arsprima edizioni.


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