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the first solo exhibition by Ghent-based artist Ria Bosman (BE, 1956). Bosman graduated at the Higher Institute St. Lucas Ghent in 1979 with monumental weaving in leather. Over time she replaced leather with flax bathed in textile paints, starch and bone glue. She then used acrylic paint in order to achieve lightfast colours. Her work calls for an aesthetic appreciation of an inviting field of tension.

The subtle play with the distances between the warp threads accentuates the material and nuances in colour and enriches the vertical and horizontal directions that carry temperate compositions. The main thread throughout 40 years of this approach is fundamental research into colour and form and how they are placed in space. The continuous quest for a certain sensitivity, vibration and end point. Questioning and taking distance. She composes a minimalist game of colours and forms on surprising carriers. She places layer after layer and colour after colour until toward an opaqueness. This piling continues into the carrier itself. The serial research of possibilities. The intense experience of colour.

Her work emanates ecstasy, rest, reflection, harmony, silence, involvement, contemplation and balance. Rest points in a world full of tensions, becoming aware of abstract forms.


  • Tatjana Pieters's Exhibitions 26
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