Two-person Exhibition

Two-person Exhibition

“My newest body of work, titled Paradise Syndrome, deals with the seduction of the digital world, the reverie for the material world, and the elusive sense of paradise residing in both.” – Seamus Conley

Paradise Syndrome is in keeping with Seamus Conley’s traditionally fantastical style. Conley’s artwork explores the intersection of fantasy and reality; he is interested in portraying the experience of daydreaming while simultaneously existing in the external world. In this body of work, Conley also examines artificial intelligence through portraiture.

“My current work is an exploration of forms that both define and encompass space.” – Albert Dicruttalo

For his newest body of work, Albert Dicruttalo has drawn inspiration from the rich tradition of modernist sculpture. He points to the purely formal elements of his sculptures in Telltale Signs, and notes how they explore and emphasize spatial relationships that are both familiar and mysterious. This body of work continues to play with his ongoing interest in the interplay of contradictions: mysterious but familiar, interior and exterior, concave and complex, emotional but impassive.

Two-person Exhibition

  • Andrea Schwartz Gallery | San Francisco's Exhibitions 21

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