Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti

In contrast to Chandler’s better-known crochet works, this exhibition highlights a new body of sewn drawings, collaborative works on paper, intaglio prints, and a selection of cake fail reliefs.

Chandler’s artistic practice arose from more than fifteen years of studying children’s drawings. Inspired by the writings of Jean Dubuffet and Art Brut, the artist initially gravitated towards studying his own earliest works and the works of children in a series of twenty seven intaglio prints in an attempt to gain a better understanding of reductive figuration.

“I see these drawings as a way to build a lexicon of new and recurring symbols that I have and will continue to explore in my work,” says Chandler.

From this initial study, Chandler utilized these developmentally universal mark-making techniques to compose his own unique work. Hand embroidered on stretched cotton, the pieces use thread the consistency of a fine pipe cleaner to draw, the chromatic stitched works, evocative of pop culture figures like Bing Bong, Santa, Mona Lisa and Beavis and Butthead, presenting a novel perspective on familiar subjects and characters.

Chandler’s interest in cake fails stemmed from finding the perfect cake to wish his friends a happy birthday on social media. Constructed from foam, paint, fruit magnets, resin, and polymer clay, these trompe l’oeil reliefs feature Snooki of Willendorf, Todd a nod to The Dude Abides by Todd Bienvenu, and Midnight Snack which suggests Bert presenting himself to Ernie, as the only cookie he is allowed to eat in bed.

Tutti Frutti

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