The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch

“The worst witch” – what kind of witch is this?

Rather than exchange harsh words and cast evil spells, this witch grips her broom and flies away like magic.

Rather than duel with those she knows are beneath her gumption, this witch puts on airs but is amazingly still void of compromise.

Rather than complete the harmonious compositional rule of three, this witch will leave you hanging on purpose…well, not really.

Even the worst witch will never really leave you hanging because there is too much power wielded in being the bigger person; She gains power when she internalizes the enemy’s attempts to curse her, all the while never succumbing to martyrdom; She gains power when she loves herself and all of her witchiness – even when it makes her feel like an Other, like the worst of those who surround her.

But the worst witch you could meet is never really the “worst” at all but rather, she is imbued with power. A power so strong it drips from her hair, skin, lips, and breasts. Being birthed with such power is not void of inconveniences. And as a result, her life is often spent harnessing her wisdom into a glowing scepter-like force field she carries with her at all times – filled with both mysticism and caution.

Glow-on, witch, glow-on.

— Ebony. L Haynes

The Worst Witch

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