The Shadow of a Fig Tree Quiets My Soul

The Shadow of a Fig Tree Quiets My Soul


scent of a fig tree thick in summer air, shadows of her beautiful hands, like shiva, kneading the darkness, dancing. drops of sweet white juice on the way back from school in the summer heat the desert shining like a silver sky through the long night, this longing for you ripens and thickens we dive toward insanity you pluck my chords, and the song echoes across the universe. each day, each night. the night you made a promise: the day of reunion. I count up the days, every day and every night. thirst near to my eyes, drops of sweet white juice, the shadow of a fig tree quiets my soul.

-Reza Derakshani

Derakshani's exhibition is comprised of eight large paintings. His work celebrates both ornamentation and color fields, as the artist finds a space for figural representation in abstract aesthetics.

In the Day and Night and Fig Tree series, Derakshani explores opposing themes of the world. While aesthetically ornamented, the paintings express a duality of experiences and reflect the fullness and ambiguity of life. In the Garden Party series, Derakshani interprets traditional metaphors for heaven and the afterlife, where families communally gather and feast under tents in vivid and idyllic gardens.

Inserting subjectivity through expressive brushstrokes, while gracefully interweaving strong colors, textures, and luxurious metal paints, Derakshani’s paintings often mimic poetry and music. For the artist, painting is a spiritual process that allows for a return to physicality and beauty, in a rejection of the irony that often permeates contemporary painting.

The Shadow of a Fig Tree Quiets My Soul

  • Leila Heller Gallery | New York's Exhibitions 8
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