The Radical Empathiarchy

The Radical Empathiarchy

Anna Witt is following a group of young people in Leipzig while developing a manifest for a potential youth movement. The young adults spent several months realizing the project in close cooperation with the artist. During their conversations, they are discussing their personal ideas of social utopias and are expressing their own feelings within the prevailing systems. By questioning and deconstructing consisting norms and values of our society, they are following their ideas of these concepts and their meanings to articulate the youth movement’s inherent purpose.

According to their own imagination and sensations, they translated their manifest into physical forms of expression and performative interventions in the public space.

The project has been developed in significant contribution by the group, not just as participants but as co- authors from the beginning throughout the whole process. Utopian approaches are openly expressed without comment and provoke the viewers to position themselves.

Fathoming authorship and hierarchies within participatory concepts play a particular role in Anna Witt’s artistic practice. In doing so, the artist creates fictional spaces to enable a certain distance when questioning society and own positions in a playful way.

We would like to thank Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig for the support of the project.

The Radical Empathiarchy

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