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Hong Yu first opened her NYC exhibition with us at our Gallery on 156 Wooster Street in 2019. Now the Energy series includes images as well from her Studio in Fuzhou China; so this exhibition now shows as online. Some of the images are deliverable from our warehouse in New York. The balance from Hong Yu's studio in Fuzhou China.

Lacquer art is everlasting and imperishable, bright and strong, tolerant and embracive,warm and shimmering, colourful and ornate.. Lacquer crafting is Puyuan's way of expressing the purpose and emotion through which art and everyday life are seamlessly united, thus creating a boundless canvas on which the simple yet elegant and the flat yet multi- dimensional become one. Chinese Lacquer is a traditional art form whose roots date back to 8000 years. It's raw materials, known as "DA QI " (Great Lacquer) or "Sheng Qi" (Raw Lacquer) harken from the natural Toxicodendron vernicifluum (Chinese Lacquer tree)

Chinese artist Ms. Yu Hong presents an analysis of life in its various forms, stages, and relationships in her new exhibit, titled “The Energy Series - Boundless”. Using the ancient art of lacquer painting first developed in China and Japan, this series captures the cycle of life through traditionally Chinese motifs, instilling Ms. Yu Hong’s personal identity into the Life she depicts.

Trained in biology with a focus on traditional tea culture, Ms. Yu Hong’s work reflects her keen interest in biological sciences, from atoms, cells, and neurones to ecological relationships between human and animal. It is Ms. Yu Hong’s hope that as one views her pieces, they will gain a greater appreciation for humanity’s connection to life on earth in all its forms.


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