He who knows the work by Jacinto Moros will immediately recognize one of his pieces when he sees one. The abstract and curvy lines of his works are familiar to those who have had the opportunity to contemplate one. However, none of the lines that the artist has ever sketched before creating a new piece has been the same as the previous one. Jacinto Moros has studied the movement and the development of the material in the space from a lot of different angles throughout his artistic trajectory.

In this individual exhibition, Jacinto Moros (Zaragoza, 1959) shows some of his most recent works under the name of Tensing forces, title that briefly summarizes this new evolution in his works. His new sculptures focus in the tension of the curves and the movements that they draw want to resemble the essence of the human body, beyond its physical representation.

The previous forms filled the space with circles and curves full of musicality, highly focused in transmitting the gestures of air or water; nevertheless, the new forms fill the space with gestures full of sounds with strength and conviction to generate this new more human trace, less lyric, very compensated, but with much more tension in the waves that the sculptures develop.

These new works incorporate a new expression focused on torsion. Visually, it can look like the forms of this new sculptural stage of the artist are in a forced imbalance, even so, in a new look, we see that each of the sculptures are extremely balanced and though to occupy the exact space.

Thanks to the raw material that the artist uses, wood and paper, as much in sculptures as in the embossings, his work transmits us the complicity between what is simple and what is complex, the possible and the impossible. All his pieces invite us to follow with our eyes the curves of each sculpture, each embossing.

All of a sudden, we see ourselves deep into a space where the movement that seems to constantly flow is frozen for ever in his pieces, a paradox of a great esthetic beauty.


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