high end

high end

After his first solo exhibition at taubert contemporary 2015 we are pleased to present a new group of works by Joachim Grommek in the gallery with the title 'high end'.

Grommek stays to his distinct concept of trompe l'oeil and takes it even further. Unlike his work on chipboard and aluminium, these new works on canvas no longer focus on the aspect of the haptic. No complex colour structure seduces the viewer to perceive film and/or adhesive tape.

On the contrary, initially the pictures seem completely one-dimensional, so thin is the paint application (acrylic on canvas). Often they move within the black-and-white or grey spectrum. In some of them, there is a hint of the colour red. What we see is reminiscent of digital proofs or blurred copies. Everything seems incomplete, as if still on the drawing board.

In other works, bulging profiles of PE foam, usually used to protect the edges, are drawn onto the surface of the image in allegedly random arrangements. The reference to the present artwork is interrupted and we are confronted with an abstract composition.

Only gradually does the individual perfection of each composition become apparent, and supposed defects are recognised as essential components of the images.

Initially, the new series of works seemsto stand in complete contrast to the title of the exhibition - high end - which suggests a high degree of elaboration. But beware, this is exactly where the artist’s subtle humour comes in and the viewer should not be fooled by the peripheral, even banal appearance.

The precision of execution is the key to our perception. At this point, the circle leads back to the preceding groups of works with their illusionistic effect.

The exhibition will also show selected paintings from the work group on chipboard.

Joachim Grommek, born 1957 in Wolfsburg, Germany. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

high end

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