Tanz mit dem Raum / Dancing with Space
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Tanz mit dem Raum / Dancing with Space

This exhibition is conceived to accompany the premiere of the 'Geometric Ballet (Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer)' by Ursula Sax, born in 1935, at Radialsystem Berlin (September 6th and 7th) and the performances at Bauhaus Museum Dessau (September 11th), at Festspielhaus Hellerau (Dresden, September 20th and 21st) and other locations. Her dance piece is based on her 'Dance Sculptures', which she developed in the mid-1980ies and early 1990ies. The exhibition is designed to trace the development of the 'Geometrisches Ballett' as an important and unique ensemble and work of art within the multi-faceted oeuvre of the sculptor Ursula Sax, to follow its stages of concentration and the impulses that have led to its emergence.

Tanz mit dem Raum / Dancing with Space

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