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“Eons before the planet becomes mostly water, with the continents broken up and dissolved, Manhattan will become an island adrift on a vast, rising ocean. Though still inhabited, it will bear only slight resemblance to the city we know today. Most skyscrapers will be gone, because of their unsustainability—the few remaining will be maintained as relics of the past. Central Park will be gone, too, replaced by a great landfill on which are built cheap houses and shacks.”

–Lebbeus Woods (2012)

Indriķis Ģelzis (born 1988; Riga, Latvia) received a Master’s Degree in Visual Communications from the Art Academy of Latvia (Riga, LV) and a Post-Graduate Degree from HISK - Higher Institute for Fine Arts (Ghent, BE). Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include: Nightball Effect, King’s Leap (New York, NY); The Man in the Moon with Adja Yunkers, Belenius (Stockholm, SE); Skeleton of the Wind with Viktor Timofeev, SUPRAINFINIT (Bucharest, RO); Between the Sheets, CINNNAMON (Rotterdam, NL); Sky’s the Limit, Hole of the Fox (Antwerpen, BE). Recent group exhibitions include: Doors of Paradise, Union Pacific (London, UK); Superposition, Joshua Liner Gallery (New York, NY); Heavy Metal, Galerie Jérôme Pauchant (Paris, FR); Wholesome Environment, Lundgren Gallery, (Palma, ES); Tastes Like Headaches, kim? Contemporary Art Center (Riga, LV).


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