SYNOPSIS -for a possible exhibition

SYNOPSIS -for a possible exhibition

From the big photograph of a mask carved in a chestnut, maybe 70 years ago, a couple of pin eyes gaze out of the window in Holbergsgade on the passers-by.

Inside the doors of the gallery there is a point disappearing into a line, and a line turns into a roaring sea.

Thus Christian Vind begins his exhibition, which can be perceived as an archaeological test. Newly emerged things of clay, wood, pottery, canvas and acidic cardboard.

We meet a board made of unburned clay called Nullet oprindelse, a clip of an eye, a hypnotic order, a decision made at night and moss found in a dark drawer, something particulate enlarged, we imagine it’s a 2000 year old mushroom, as powerful as a forest.

A number of pin points. Temporary appearances, questionable references and suggestions. Fragmented, rudimentary and volatile.

Constantly opens and closes the eye.

SYNOPSIS -for a possible exhibition

  • Marie Kirkegaard Gallery's Exhibitions 17

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