Summer In SOMA

Summer In SOMA

Throughout her career, Cara Barer has used books, newspapers, phone books, magazines, maps, and travel photographs as her materials. She manipulates their shape to create something new. She then photographs the upcycled materials, creating her circle in a square.

John Belingheri's paintings are a reflection of what he is struggling with and thinking about. The surface of the painting is as much a part of his paintings as color or content; he likes the texture and feel of paint. Belingheri encourages the accidental scars of reworking, in an effort to reach something that is beyond reach.

Tom Bolles creates bright, playful images using both modern technology and his minimal style of painting on canvas. In every artwork that he creates, his goal remains the same, to create something with an emphasis on light, color, and surface.

Patrick Dintino's technique is central to his artwork. He applies oil on canvas using brushes to seamlessly blend colors sampled from everyday experiences as well as popular media imagery. This approach results in vivid paintings comprised of diffused color bands, which form a color-coded framework that allows him to develop a visual language for studying the shifting nature of human perception.

Clint Imboden is an assemblage artist whose sculptures and immersive installations address contemporary social and political topics in unprecedented ways. His work recycles discarded and neglected items sourced from local flea markets and estate sales.

Gwen Manfrin continues to pursue the topic of self-promotion through social media platforms. Images culled from profile photos, an alternate reality, fabricated to promote a persona of choice. Seemingly more important to spin a tale than reveal the truth.

Piero Spadaro utilizes assorted materials such as glitter, ground pigment, acrylic, textured paper, and resin to create dimensional, layered paintings. Recently, he has been exploring the symbolic nature of the triangle, specifically how it is able to transcend various cultures and times.

Francisco Valverde typically works on large panels, eschewing traditional paints and brushes in favor of bottle dispensers filled with colorful synthetic materials. He creates stories in his paintings by utilizing plastic materials, suggestive backgrounds, mysterious forms, and varying depths.

Sarah Williams' artwork is heavily influenced by her roots in the rural American Midwest. Being raised in a small town made her hyper aware of the seemingly mundane, anonymous scenes that exist on the periphery and are typically ignored. She is especially interested in light sources, which led her to paint nightscapes of familiar yet isolated and unremarkable buildings.

Tim Yankosky's materials are the driving force and inspiration behind the works of art that he creates. Vintage measuring tapes have captured his attentions, and he enjoys the challenge of repurposing these old objects for a journey in which they were never intended for.

Summer In SOMA

  • Andrea Schwartz Gallery | San Francisco's Exhibitions 21
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