Still Life
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Still Life

Still. Quiet life. Natura Morte.

I have always liked still life. Everyday objects painted as beautifully as possible, presented as a former advertising poster for something exclusive. The Norwegian painter Frants Bøe was superior in his field in the 19th century and his paintings present flowers, food and exclusive jewelry in a beautiful association. Classic still life has often been a symbol of prosperity, but also an admonition to vanity; larvae crawling out of rotten fruit, a near-burnt light or skull, as a reminder of moderation and even spoken days.

How do we relate to still life today? We live in a society where each and every one of us reportedly throws over 40 kilos of edible food a year, and worldwide the differences are greater than ever. A quick google search on water and food shortages gives gloomy prospects for the future: "27 million sulfated without clean water," "Drought and climate change", "Acute food shortages threaten millions", "How scarce are the world's food resources?"

What is available in different parts of the world a clear approach when looking at still life in the light of the present. Christian Tunge and Ingrid Eggen's photographs build on this. Close-ups of barbed wire, worn out shoes and twisted hands are not classic still life motifs, but still life as well. Marit Følstad's cauliflower sculptures of cauliflower have a more classic starting point in motif, and are based on a sewing experience of the city's vegetable stores for the right cauliflower with its individual aesthetics. The cauliflower replica in bronze is made both available and inaccessible to its traditional use and status. Similarly, Munan Øvrelid's paintings of cheese pop up a food product with an otherwise low status on the nutrient scale and place the classic painting right into our own time.

It is said that the French upper class chose away still life with gloomy undertones. But you also know how it went with them. The exhibition "Still Life" shows still life anno Norway 2019. Then it is up to the individual which lines you draw - before you go home, take a picture of the dinner and post it on the web.

Still Life

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