Stay At Home

Stay At Home

‘Stay At Home’ is our summer show at Last Resort. It marks a period where most people have been confined to their home around the world, which for many has meant that they were forced to reflect on whether their home is actually a place they want to stay, rather than just a place to sleep.

So have we, and we have tried to create our dream confinement space for one person.

For us it includes the perfect couch, where you can do anything from: Work, read, sleep, relax and only have room for other people if you want to be really intimate with them. It is both aesthetically intriguing and extremely comfortable, no matter your position; A lot of abstract objects which keeps your mind active; Lots of stools / side tables to leave your things on and which you can re-arrange like chess pieces; Lots of fresh flowers to give a feeling and scent of being surrounded by life and nature; Works on the wall in a variation which symbolises all seasons and states of mind (and the outside world in a very abstract sense); And of course: An eternal sunrise, nothing less. To keep your hopes up and dreams alive. Even in a place like Denmark where we rarely see the sun.

In a time where (especially long distance) travel has become very abstract and distant, it is an equally important part of the the show that the pieces come from all over the world. The exhibition includes pieces by:

Andrés Reisinger (AR), Balder Olrik (DK), Established & Sons (UK), Fish Design & Gaetano Pesce (IT), Gun Gordillo (SE), Jinyeong Jeon (KR), Magni Moss (SE), Mandalaki Studio (IT), Manuel Tainha (PT), Oneseo (KR), Philippe Malouin (CA), Ry David Bradley (AU), WrongWoods (UK).

Stay At Home

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