Stains on a Decade
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Stains on a Decade

Josh Lilley opened in May 2009. The gallery was built around artists of its generation and people in the same bag: recent graduates; twenty-somethings; those who have lived around art the ir whole lives; idiosyncratic creatives locking into their mature voice.

The gallery has grown with its artists and its clientele. There was no mission. A sense of adventure meant that international exchange quickly became a signature of the program, bringing British artists to the east and west coast of the US for the first time, then bringing American artists back for their debuts. Tribes formed among the artists we show. Instinctive visual connections have hardened into aesthetics. Daily discussions inside our Fitzrovia storefront have joined and driven discourse in the outside world. Fairs and reviews and museums. We all have careers now.

Ten years and 80 exhibitions in, “Stains on a Decade” brings together 31 artists whose journey Josh has shared since the beginning, artists who have stopped through at important moments, and artists whose example has defined the gallery’s work.

Every five weeks or so, the gallery transforms, back to nothing and then filled with something new. This exhibition reflects on the modest imprint our labour has made on the landscape of art since 2009, and the indelible stain of inspiration left by images and their makers.

Stains on a Decade

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