Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition


He dives like a seal, looking for shells.

The heart beats from fright and excitement.

Beams breaks on the water´s surface, he catches his breath.

Cerebrellum. Butterfly. Glimpse.

It´s the beginning of July and something happens. Something which is really not supposed to happen. A and B meet, around them only the sea. A eats B, but then A and B become friends, one surrounded by the other. Friendship leads to eternal love, which again leads to A becoming B´s power plant, and B becomes the core of A. A cell.

Cochlea inside. In the dark and the murmur. Purple ear. Out there, a mirroring sculpture spinning on a pole in the wind. Steel ear.

It´s Sunday morning and raining. It´s been raining for two million years now. The desert reptiles didn’t survive. Pangea slid apart and a new kind of reptiles are grazing among the tree tops.

Everything is piled.

It is mirrors, holes and roars right through.

Sticks and fogs.

A newborn child, a window is opened and fresh winter air flows in. For a moment, everything becomes transparent for light, and this light can continue into the endless time. A faint radiation showing the newborn universe.

It pulls and draws around the ankles.

Nice buildings, straight steel bars. The door closes slowly. Plain stick buildings. Driftwood in a frothing wave.



Stretches itself in the dawn.

Solo Exhibition

  • Anna Bohman Gallery's Exhibitions 14
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