Summer show

Summer show

Since 2018, André Butzer resides in California and continues his elementary explorations of colour, light, and pictorial scale. Yet, everything seems to be “seen anew”. His paintings virtually reinvent themselves. Some of them are now even titled again, often in the form of basic words such as “Pistachios”, “Barber Shop”, and “Lunch”. Everyday things, places and activities from which the mosaic of an American experience gradually forms itself.

Central to the selection of five recent paintings and one work on paper is English Muffins. In its visual abundance, the painting is just as overwhelming as it is ravishing. It encompasses the entire chromatic spectrum. Every hue, every state of colour is incorporated into this painterly simultaneity of escalation and serenity. Butzer keeps what is abstract and what is corporeal, what disintegrates and what assembles in a precarious balance.

English Muffins is accompanied by two paintings upon which coloured bands, together with metallic and flesh-like forms, ornamentally “create planes”, as well as by paintings of a single woman and a group. Planar pictorial figures gaining universal validity due to their iconic appearance, their reproducibility, and their accessibility.

Butzer’s latest paintings reveal all those polar opposites to be one single whole and realise a coherent conjunction of colours, lines, planes, figuration and abstraction.

Summer show

  • Galerie Max Hetzler | Bleibtreustraße 45's Exhibitions 12
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