So now you see....

This is the first time I have seen the works, and our show opens next week. Which shows how much I trust you Urs.

Yes that is good. I will try not to embarrass you.

The colours are extraordinary and I am looking at the monitor. Do the images have any symbolism for you? Are you making images that are specifically personal or universal?

Ultimately it is the same. Everything universal is personal. When you work on the phone, it is very direct. It is in front of you, and with your finger you can make whatever you want, wherever you want: at home, outside of a professional setting, work clothes are unnecessary. You are very close when you do it, so it is all very personal. Most of the drawings just happen, the image just comes along when you draw it. It is a stream of consciousness. What is a better word for it?


  • Sadie Coles HQ | Kingly Street's Exhibitions 12
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