Shadow of The Gradient

Shadow of The Gradient

These are realties where humans chase the unknown, explore the depths of space, and face the monsters that haunt them. This is the Shadow of the Gradient.

Humans create and use technology while searching for a connection that feels authentic and enduring, giving meaning to existence. Technology is used to solve problems and - in the process - a whole new set of problems arise that need to be wrangled. This creates a constant circle of never ending solutions. The artists share a longing to see nature integrated into contemporary technological experiences. Their work uses photographic, sculptural and painterly languages to ask the questions such as: Will technology redeem us? Or eventually choke us out and suffocate us?

The artists in Shadow of the Gradient use imagery of nature and associations with sci-fi aesthetics that trigger emotional responses. The exhibition is an immersive experience with large scale art objects that blend mediums to create a neoteric tableau. Kat, Shelley and Taryn create a flattened out landscape with lenticular photographic prints, digital imagery printed on embroidered textiles and large scale banners. Devra and Madora create a landscape in the gallery with the use of sculptural elements on the floor and on the wall. Roxanne’s creatures are fauna that inhabit this portal of existence. Rachel’s work creates flora and another perspective of the dimension.

No one wants to see reality, we only want to see a better version of ourselves and create a new truth. When every image (motion or still) can be doctored, every word can be twisted and taken out of context a new phenomenon emerges. We become primed and ready to believe the fantasy whenever it is colorful and shiny and seductive.

Together, these works evoke events or phenomena that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. A common thread is an anticipation of time passing with some hope for a reconstructed future where new biologies and organisms exist beyond technology on the other side of human existence.

Shadow of The Gradient

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