Sauvetage sauvage

Sauvetage sauvage

What have I been doing here today, turning around?

Is the chair one of the most addictive human inventions

And the swivel chair the sweetest comfort

The beginning of centripetal motion that adds more mass to the mass

That thus catches something or everything

I have lost lots of airplanes, the horrible feeling is a familiar sensation

Of feeling snatched and detached from the linearity of life

Enter the timeless limbos

A waste of intent

In an autonomous and useless bubble




How I got here in a thread of coincidences and causalities, or not …

Jumping from rolling stone to rolling stone

¡Oh, Merci! slower time, you give time to review each footstep

And observe once again the nothingness being and being

Meanwhile in Romainville

A horde of… stored sculptures

Almost zombies

Opening their packaging and breathing

They want to see what the world is up to

They want eyes of today

They want to rub, to scratch, to touch

Before climbing into the cloud

Blurring themselves, becoming zeros and ones

Sauvetage sauvage

  • Galerie Jocelyn Wolff | Romainville's Exhibitions 5
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