Retrospective Kunstmuseum Ahlen
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Retrospective Kunstmuseum Ahlen

[Exhibition held at Kunstmuseum Ahlen]

The exhibition offers a glimpse into the work of an artist who has been dedicated to light art since the 1960s. The selection of over 40 light objects and large installations includes works from the past 30 years. At the start of the exhibition, Barker-Mills's Color Cube outdoor sculpture, specially designed for Ahlen, will be inaugurated on the border of Museum Square. As a permanent installation, this light work of art extends Ahlen's contribution to the Hellweg a light path region, which is unique in Europe.

Adam Barker-Mill's light art is characterized by great formal austerity, which, however, recedes behind the magical unfolding of the colored light. The simple structure and the invisible technology of his works allow the viewer to concentrate entirely on the color effect of the sometimes static, sometimes gradually changing light fields.

This experience is enhanced in the walk-in light rooms, two of which the Ahlen Art Museum is presenting in its exhibition.

The conceptual stringency and formal clarity also rank Adam Barker-Mill's work in the tradition of constructive and minimalist trends in 20th century art. In its precise restraint, it has a fascinating effect thanks to the material "light".

However, the artist himself undermines this rigor by countering the high-tech appeal and the sober charisma of electrified minimalism with anarchic humor and uses everyday and "inartistic" materials for entire series of works, such as plastic buckets or stacked banana boxes.

Retrospective Kunstmuseum Ahlen

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