Resonance & Then Dawns the Invisible

Resonance & Then Dawns the Invisible

In “Resonance”, which will be Krull’s first exhibition with Hans Alf Gallery, the audience is presented with a series of the artist’s familiar, seismographic drawings that exemplifies his work through the last decade.

We meet works from the road trip series “Car Scroll”, a number of smaller and larger portraits from the series “Omicron” and ”Olmec”, plus two monumental marker drawings from the artist’s latest series “Barrier”.

A recurrent characteristic in Krull’s works is an almost sculptural approach to drawing that mimics nature’s peculiar math as found in the growth rings of trees, alluvial soil, and stalactite caves. Through a topographic ocean of lines, Carl Krull creates a unique plasticity that challenges optic perception and breaks with the two-dimensional nature of the paper.

Krull’s artistic nature is figurative and improvisational. His techniques and motives leave room for the viewer, who is invited to explore each artwork in search of unknown territories.

Resonance & Then Dawns the Invisible

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