With work by artists who explore their connections to community and family through the utilization of found imagery, whether sourced through personal photo albums or public archives, the exhibition features works by Melinda Gibson and Thomas Sauvin, Carla Jay Harris and Brenda E. Stevenson, Lebohang Kganye, Kovi Konowiecki, B Neimeth, and Martin Parr, and is curated by Thomas Kollie and Zoe Lemelson. The exhibition will be on view from 8 DECEMBER 2018 until 9 FEBRUARY 2019, with a private reception from five until seven pm on the 8th of December.

Where time moves generations apart, images remain as artifacts of personal histories, existing in family albums and archives until they live again in minds as memories. When remembrance is mediated through photographs, these intimate moments, caught on camera, are often re-imagined and instilled into personal narratives of the present. REMEMBRANCE examines the various ways photographers working with archives explore their personal connections to the past as they expose the meaning of memories embedded in their images.

Johannesburg-based artist Lebohang Kganye deconstructs and recreates her personal family images in her series Reconstruction of a Family, examining the falsity of family history as mediated through photographs and albums. On the notion of constructed ancestral history, Kganye beautifully writes:

“Family history remains a space of contradictions, it is a mixture of truth and fiction. Sometimes we rely on the family photo album as a way to understand what family is meant to be. What we often land up with is a grouping of images that have been constructed, and perhaps do not account at all for the histories and memories that are connected with that album.”

The artist’s black-and-white cut-outs examine the grey zone where the factuality of a photograph and the construction of memory intersect.


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