Recollection - Beyond the Design
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Recollection - Beyond the Design

In Denmark, a long and democratic design tradition has made design an indispensable part of most people's everyday lives. Design is considered a natural part of life - from home objects, the furniture of institutions, to the spaces and buildings we inhabit. But what was your actual experience? And how do your experiences with the design affect your memories of it? SPECTA's new exhibition Recollection - Beyond the Design focuses on the shifts and displacements that occur when it is the interaction with the design which is being reproduced.

benandsebastian's work Stored is based on a display cabinet created by Kaare Klint in 1926 for the Danish Design Museum. A display cabinet, with the purpose of framing exhibited objects. In benandsebastian's work, the cabinet houses life, to be understood as a frame containing basic functional needs of the human being; chair, table, bed, storage. Thus, it is daily life itself, which is Stored. Or maybe it's locked up and put in a tight frame? In this way, the work highlights the strength of the iconic designer and at the same time the yoke, or the restraints, that the strong design tradition places on new generations.

Chair for Education II is Daniel Svarre's rendering of the school chair from the 1970s primary school. Many will recognize the simple, robust design created to endure wear and tear. But in Svarres' work five versions of the chair are included. One stands over the other, not stacked, but designed so they all stand on the floor. The sculpture is ambiguous, and it appears both very hierarchical, and at the same time as if it grows.

In other works on show, shifts or displacements occur, as e.g. in Ditte Ejlerskov’s painting of a seemingly quite ordinary house. At the same time The Real Blue House is not just any house, as it is the childhood home of pop icon Rihanna. In this way, we look differently at the house, and it means something else in our minds. This also applies to Johannes Sivertsen's double painting Model - La cité radieuse, which is a detailed representation of a model of le Corbusier's well-known building in Marseille. The building has become a still life, a lost dream.

Jakob Hunosøe and Anette Harboe Flensburg both work with illusions and displacements in arrangements of objects and constructions of space. Flensburg paints her interiors from spatial models, and Hunosøe photographs well-known elements which in new arrangements disturbs our sense of scale, lines and abstraction.

In the process towards realization, objects or architecture can be described as a series of aesthetic and functional considerations which, together with intention, translate into a concrete element. But when we as individuals use, meet and adopt design and architecture, new layers are added based on personal experiences. Objects, buildings and spaces turn into something else - or something more - than the original intentions and considerations of the designer. Showing works by benandsebastian, Ditte Ejlerskov, Anette Harboe Flensburg, Jakob Hunosøe, Johannes Sivertsen and Daniel Svarre, Recollection - Beyond the Design is about such layers of experience.

Recollection - Beyond the Design

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