Point of No Return
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Point of No Return

With expressions both tragicomic and grotesque, a part of the exhibition “Point of No Return” is a series of paintings of uncompromising portraits of foolish mankind and our existential conditions of life. Kvium addresses existential themes of being human through his characteristic figurative imagery. His familiar androgynous and deformed figures represent a view of humanity that concerns us all irrespective of sex, age and social capacity. He confronts the spectator, often by creating a sense of mirroring, with uncompromising portrayals of aspects of life that we rather hide, than expose to observation. Wrapped in stereotypes, the people portrayed in Kvium´s portraits further challenge the viewer with a paradoxical feeling of horror and fascination of the hideous and of nothingness. The result is a fear of emptiness, and a lack of meaning or being, which creates the foundation of a sublime redemption when experiencing his work.

Point of No Return

  • Galleri Brandstrup Oslo's Exhibitions 25
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