Painting Color

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Painting Color

“Color as a formal, social, and political matter feels particularly urgent today, but the artists in ‘Spilling Over’ already saw it as a means to bridge the seen and the felt, the conscious and the unconscious, the political and the environmental,” says David Breslin, curator of 'Spilling Over: Painting Color' Exhibition.

'Painting Color' exhibition after 60 years, looks at the color as a statement and as a symbol. This exhibition presents many interesting artists from all over the world. While their art can be so different – varying from sharp edge abstract art and changing to nature-morte art pieces – the element which is uniting them is crystal clear; it’s color. And the way, how they appreciate it, how they use it and how they translate their emotions through it - is unique.

Every single one and all of them use color as a language. This particular symbolical element – color as a language – is important for so many artists. Color can express so many meanings and is universal language. Color is the mother tongue of artist.

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Painting Color

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