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Out My Window

“What we can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what we can perceive taking place behind a pane of window­glass. In that pit, in that blackness or brightness, life is being lived, life is suffering, life is dreaming....” ­ Baudelaire, Windows

Italian Views, part of the series Out My Window by the American photographer, Gail Albert Halaban, will be on show at Podbielski Contemporary from May 29th to June 29th 2019. The artist has travelled to many Italian cities such as Venice, Milan, Florence Rome, Naples, and Palermo; in her work Italian architecture features prominently as a cinematic backdrop but the focus is the intimate domestic portraits through the window. We experience the curious thrill of being a viewer and through her voyeurism a sense of community develops and we realise we are never alone.

Out My Window is a project Albert Halaban began 15 years ago in Chelsea, New York when she spent sleepless nights looking after her daughter and watching the urban sea of life beyond. The invitation to imagine the lives of neighbours across windows renders the characters and settings deeply personal and mysterious. Her photographs explore the conventions and tensions of urban lifestyles and the intimacies of home and daily life.

Halaban’s work is a marriage of documenting reality and a desire to stage psychological drama.

Out My Window

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