open Vol. 2 | Group Exhibition

open Vol. 2 | Group Exhibition

In the summer months, the gallery is open beyond the boundaries of the gallery program. In the exhibition, we present both younger and already established positions of artists who have impressed and accompanied us over the last few months and who are in dialogue with each other in the gallery space over the summer:

Yang-Tsung Fan (* 1982, TW) was shown in 2018 with his work at the AKI Gallery in Taiwan, our guest gallery at the Leipzig Cotton Mill. The works of his “Swimming pool” series transfer conceptual color fields, geometric abstraction and gestural painting into absurd summer swimming pool scenarios.

Marion Fink (* 1987, DE) studied with Andreas Slominski in Hamburg and explores the possibility space of an always questionable reality by means of stage-like scenarios with figures and objects, words and text fragments. Zora Janković (* 1978, SL) was already part of the first “Open” exhibition in the gallery in 2016. Her sculptures, geometric bodies made of concrete and steel, play with elements of brutalist architecture, intervene in the space and create new spaces.

Ulrike Theusner (* 1982, DE) has already exhibited in the EIGEN + ART Lab. The etchings from the “Sweet Birds of Youth” series symbolize a society between numbness, disillusionment and optimism. Raul Walch (* 1980, DE) studied at the Institute of Space Experiments at the University of the Arts. At the center of his work is always an unconventional, artistic examination of social reality. The kinetic sculpture in the exhibition was also created as a solar reflector for orientation, as a marker by the Coast Guard and for the location and rescue of castaways.

Justin Mortimer (* 1970, UK) was already awarded the East Award at East International in Norwich in 2004 by Gerd Harry Lybke and Neo Rauch, then jurors. Since then he has become one of the most prominent British painters. We show new works from his HOAX series.

Andreas Mühe (* 1979, DE) infiltrates his own pictures. With the precise use of light, the elaboration of a special colourfulness and his sense for the image structure, which deals with the play of pathos, he creates seductive-beautiful images. In the 24-part photo series “Trouble Heads”, he shows the various stages of the physical decay of his own stone-busted bust.

Alexander Wolff (* 1976, DE) studied at the Städelschule Frankfurt and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In his painting, he does not confine himself to the limited pictorial space of the canvas and uses textile dye, dust, various materials and light for his paintings.

open Vol. 2 | Group Exhibition

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