OFFICE presentation may 2020
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OFFICE presentation may 2020

Right now you see at our OFFICE PRESENTATION works by six artists , Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart , Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Anna Ehrenstein, Jonas Lund and Tristan Schulze. They all deal with digital approaches in the one way or the other in their work.

Harm Van den Dorpel work is part of the series „decompressions“. The compositions evolve from primitive Turing machines. The algorithms used here is his contemporary interpretation of Cartesian genetic programming, which was invented in 1999.

The work by Constant Dullaart belongs to a work series „Jennifer in Paradise“ that has been part of the exhibition „Behind the Screen“ at KINDL - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst in 2019. In the work he refers to the beginning of photoshop, which has revolutionized our understanding of the truth of photography. This photo was one of the first images edited with this software. This piece is a lenticular print and changes its appearance in the filter of photoshop.

The works of Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg are about surfaces and materials. Coming from classical painting and sculpture she uses different digital technics in order to form her own artistic handwriting. In her series "Leaves Leaving" she collects and re-assembles photos of journeys as collective memories.

Anna Ehrenstein's work complex "A Lotus Is A Lotus" attempts to understand „affect“ and „society“ in the past and present by carefully studying and observing physical, virtual and material objects. Ehrenstein understands affect as the "stickiness" of values, ideas and emotions circulating between objects.

In his work Jonas Lund uses blockchain technology to create his own artistic currency, the Jonas Lund Token. He started this conceptual series in 2018 which is still continuous. By acquiring a work or a Jonas Lund Token you become part of the shareholder system and participate in the decision making process of the artist work.

Tristan Schulze often materializes the learning process of an artificial intelligence. In his series „Tapisserie“ he feeds an artificial intelligence with traditional weaving patterns.

OFFICE presentation may 2020

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