In the exhibition Murmurs the artist presents a new series of oil paintings and, as is alluded to in the title, we find ourselves entering a world of subtle and atmospheric scenery. The intensity within the paintings is made up of colours which overlap and seamlessly blend into each other, creating a balance between cooler and warmer tones. In the soft transitions between the colours and textures Hartman creates a blurriness that reminds us of haze and shimmer.

The driving force in Hartman’s painting is her desire for colour. Her creative process begins in her studio around thoughts on colour rather than any specific idea to depict a particular landscape.

“It is colour that brings the painting to life. I usually work on many paintings simultaneously in my studio. I begin with the idea of different harmonies of colour, which are often connected to an emotion or a place. Each painting inhabits many paintings before it’s done.”

In conjunction with the exhibition a book Emma Hartman is being launched. The book, designed by Patrick Waters, gives a detailed portrait of Hartman’s work over the last few years. Also in the book is the transcript of a dialogue between Emma Hartman and the playwright Dimen Abdulla.


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