Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation
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Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation

This summer, The Ravestijn Gallery will host the exhibition Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation in collaboration with guest curator Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo. The exhibition shows Asselin’s exhaustive project about the origins, methods and consequences of the destructive pesticides manufactured and used by the American chemical company Monsanto, in both a current and historical context. In 2018, Monsanto was acquired by the German chemical company Bayer, driving increased financial interests in the company whilst the toxic consequences continue to be coerced on vast areas of environment, thousands of farmers, animals and countless others.

In an interview with Sunil Shah for American Suburb X, Asselin outlined his condemning of Monsanto’s products and propaganda, “I think the work becomes much more interesting when you aren’t trying to camouflage your point of view, these are not the right times for ambiguity, even in photography.” The series has received profound recognition in the photographic community and far beyond. Artist, writer and curator Lewis Bush summarises the importance of Asselin’s project saying “Asselin’s photographs become a sort of testament to what happens when the well-being of the future is traded for profit in the present, and specifically the consequences for those people who have to occupy that future, who are inevitable often the poor and marginalised, the last people in other words who might own stocks in a company like Monsanto.”

Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation

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