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MISCELLANEA is an exhibition that brings together all the artworks from private collections: a list of well-known artists, active from the 60s of the XX century till our days. From the mirror paintings by Michelangelo Pistoletto to the dancing Dervishes by Aldo Mondino, from the nature rugs by Piero Gilardi to the ironic-surreal visions of Luigi Ontani, the path winds through artworks that represent significant moments of artistic research in Italy. The art made up of experiments and provocations, but also of "classic" figurative means, as in the case of the stylized landscapes of Salvo or the mystical images of Agostino Arrivabene. Carlo Caldara offers us images of humanity and today's society, where Nicola De Maria leads us to a colorful and fantastic world, populated by simple geometries and signs. A sort of "creative destruction" is the one that connotes the painting of Alessandro Papetti, while on the steep and dizzying perspectives the outlines of the great cities of Giampietro are built. Those big cities whose views and icons translate into the representations of Manuel Felisi. On the sculpture side, the exhibition proposes Matteo Pugliese, whose figures or parts of the body, prisoners of a raw material, are caught in the culminating moment of the movement. Steel is the favorite medium of Ilirjan Xhixha and his brother Helidon Xhixha, who manipulates the material by crumbling and fragmenting it according to a personal visual interpretation resulting from the influence between metal and light.


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