Mid-summer night's dream

Mid-summer night's dream

This special “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” exhibition, highlighted by the Gala Champagne Reception on Saturday, June 22nd at our Ground Floor Gallery, offers a magical tribute which will enchant the senses of both art acquisitiors and art aficionados alike. Reflecting a masterful incandescent renewal and hypnotic regeneration of the visual realm, these acclaimed international masters define the cultural cross-section of the modern art world. Pulsating with dynamic synergy and expressive artistic creativity, these artists render a visual lexicon of sophisticated, eclectic and often joyful representations of the world, as they shine the spotlight on a unique, universal artistic language, creating panoramas infused with creative spirit.

LABYRINTH TO A STAR is a prismatic portal to nature which showcases three unique masters, whose individualistic lexicon offer panoply of hues and masterful brushstrokes culminate in visually rich dioramas perceptions of nature. Dancing with radiant light and orchestrated with luscious color, their enchanted still life, floral, landscape and animal-inspired tableaux luminously echo the timelessness and beauty of our terrestrial realm. Demonstrating an unparalleled ability to capture the essence and spirit of the natural kingdom with chromatic depictions of vistas, these lush compositions transport the viewer to idyllic locations through vivid color palettes and tantalizing scenarios. ANN GORES's landscape, floral and still life compositions calibrate a new aesthetic perspective reflecting the sublime divinity and majesty of nature, as she discovers a delicate balance between the earth and the sky, the roots of the land and the wings of the heavens. Wildlife artist, GEORGE ANN JOHNSON's quest is to portray the grandeur of the animal kingdom, anthropomorphizing their spirit, capturing their inner essence and externalizing the glory of the animal's soul. ADRIENNE KYROS creates chromatic reinterpretations of classic romantic landscapes, paying homage to the magnificence of the natural world while reflecting a sense of exploration with her brilliantly colorful watercolor compositions, which encapsulate the tranquility of nature.

REVERIES TO A DREAM showcases three abstract masters whose scintillatingly expressionistic compositions are ablaze with the non-objective wonders of the world with an alluring synthesis of modernity as they whisk the audience on a magical non-verbal, visceral artistic voyage. By illustrating the boundaries of the invisible within the visible, the intangible within the tangible, they successfully eschew form and synthesize an exuberant visual dialogue about perception, illustrating the transitory moments of our thoughts and emotions. Dr SALMAN AL HAJRI's vibrant, semi-abstracted chromatic compositions are visual vortexes that explore the various formations of the color spectrum and synthesize the diverse relationship between hue, tone and texture. EVELINA COLE navigates her artistic compass to serve as a beacon of light and fuses her abstract paintings to reflect non-objective emotional realms which are both visceral and intellectual as she contextualizes form and dynamic color. RONI LYNN DOPPELT's celestial abstract "Miracle" series colorfully illustrates the invisible, externalizing on canvas the spiritual power of miracles, visualizing the magical vortex of unexpected joys, surprising coincidences, unexplainable experiences, as she sensorially orchestrates a visual experience of an inner realm.

CELESTIAL SOUL-STICE reflects the diverse talent of three skillful artists who offer a tantalizing perspective of the universe. By echoing the visual, they masterfully integrate artistic vocabularies with permeated color and light, while exploring life’s journey through a visceral iconography. Their matrix of style captures the innate complexities of the human condition, translating the intangible into the visual realm as they transform visual sensations info expressive forms, offering perceptual twists while rejuvenating the optical senses with newfound aesthetic configurations. PHILIP CATANIA's illustrates a parallel enigmatic world with visually rich surrealist paintings which synthesize dreams, intersecting them into fantastical scenarios and optical illustrations that are both magical and mysterious, blurring the boundaries of realism. Mexican painter and father of Jasso, JACINTO GONZALEZ GASQUE's oil on canvas compositions present an emotional response to nature, filtered through expressive abstract perception and visceral imagination colorfully capturing the lushness of the national terrain. Mexican artist and son of Jacinto, JASSO catapults the interior of the world around him into kaleidoscopic, color-filled fantastical realms, populated by other worldly configurations that pulsate with a dreamlike quality. Bridging the gulf between dreams and reality, DONNA ISHAM's female-centric semi-abstract paintings of "she-roes," ethereally embody the complexities of portraying womanhood and pulsate with humanity and spirituality, revealing a masterful hybrid blend of organic shapes and curved abstraction which convey an important visual narrative.

ENCHANTED EQUINOX expresses a shimmering parallax vision of four artists who collectively explore intriguing visual relationships within the contemporary realm. Their remarkable artistic language is united by their shared joy of the universe, exemplified by the use of brilliant color, bold gestural forms and dazzling vivacity, resulting in a vibrant synergistic energy. With a clever syncopated beat and a unique artistic perspective, their masterful works are influenced by the rich cultural heritages of their individual backgrounds, which possess a universal appeal. Iranian-born ARAM AMINI's allegorical and metaphorical portrayals of bejeweled, chic, hat-wearing women encapsulate divergent female fashionista visions through a dazzling syntax which symbolizes a deeper socio-political meaning. ALLISON HARRELL synthesizes photography, moving image, sound, wood, metal, lighting and optical filters, coalescing them together, creating a bridge between the senses and the heart, mingling art and science, fusing cognitive learning and emotional intelligence. MARINA FAY's lyrical watercolor compositions exalt the ability of creativity as she reveals an enchanted kingdom of nature and female silhouettes which transcend everyday reality. OREST PAROBOK's masterful sculptures unite a harmonious abstract three-dimensional combination, which rhythmically manifests the striking relationships of three forces – color, volume and line.

"BEE. BE?" Curated by DENISE CUMMINGS, is inspired by Nature and the Queen Bee. With élan and brio, this jubilant, eclectic exhibition offers exciting visual lexicons which express the joy of the universe with effervescent natural forms, expressive compositions and ebullient color palettes. Creating buoyant visual narratives which chromatically focus on the exhilarating and intoxicating joie de vivre of the natural experience, this sparkling summer exhibition overflows with a bubbling visual champagne toast to the prismatic wonders of the natural world. DENISE CUMMINGS, Curator, mystifies the senses with a unique amalgamation of natural shapes which imaginatively contextualizes a remarkable artistic vision with complexly hued forms that metamorphose into stunning visual voyages of our flora and fauna realm. MICHELLE FULTON innovatively paints on glass, furniture as well as on canvas with illuminated painted transfigurations which represent the expressive compositions of history and culture that successfully blend time and place. Illustrator, print maker and textile designer, GINA MILLER's masterful intaglio etched prints organically bring to life exuberant figurative and nature-inspired forms, which mimic the natural element of the world.

Mid-summer night's dream

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