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In his exhibition, Pedro Ruiz addresses the issue of a possible reconcilement with our natural habitat through a poetic manifestation. The artist seeks to encourage us to present ourselves together in favor of Mother Nature, instead of expressing dissatisfaction or inconformity towards an ideology or institution.

We currently live in a social and cultural context in which the notion of what is sacred seems to have been lost. We have stopped feeling empathy for other living creatures. The need to coexist, to honor, and to praise seems to have been relegated; harmony and respect are no longer what we abide by.

ManiFiesta is an invitation to interact with the work of a great artist by carrying out a collective action that reminds us that we can all stand together for a common cause. The show will consist of approximately thirty paintings elaborated as rally signs, along with forty small scale bronze sculptures that are also presented manifesting.

The opening reception will also consist of a participative performance in which attendees will be able to go out on the streets with their sign of choice, as well as have their photo taken with it.


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