Lifeblood Film Club

Lifeblood Film Club

Respiration is nothing but a slow combustion of carbon and hydrogen, entirely similar to that which occurs in a lighted lamp. Animals that breathe are true combustible bodies that burn and consume themselves. Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier (1794)

At the heart of our self-image lies the assumption that the human being is more than the animal and other than the machine. One such machine is the camera. The camera demands to be pointed at something - it needs a motif. That motif is very often an animal.

In this first edition of Lifeblood Film Club we shall engage with artists who have used photographic machines to look at animals. We shall look at moving images using animals as machines for expressing thought.

We believe that the camera is an analogy machine. We believe that our escaped childhood pet, curling up to hide, in that short moment, was neither rabbit nor boulder.

Welcome to Lifeblood Film Club.Alexandre Estrala, Marianne Heske, Thomas Bayrle, Frances Stark, Rivane and Sérgío Neuenschwander, Jean Painlevé, Stan Brakhage, Simon Dybbroe Møller

Lifeblood Film Club

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