La Cucaracha
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La Cucaracha

Pieter Hugo is well known for his urgent portraits and everyday scenes captured at a wide variety of locations around the world. They come together to form a social “big picture” that reflects the current and radically critical everyday realities, and the complexity and inconsistency of modern-day society. Between 2016 and 2018, over 250 works from 15 projects were showcased in Wolfsburg, Dortmund and Lisbon in his major individual exhibition “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”. For the first time since this highly successful mid-career retrospective, Pieter Hugo – now 42 years old – is presenting a brand new series. This is Pieter Hugo’s fourth solo show at PRISKA PASQUER.

Premiere of new project

His latest project LA CUCARACHA was created in Mexico in 2018 and 2019 and is to be presented in Europe for the first time by PRISKA PASQUER between 6 September and 23 November 2019. This photo series depicts people and situations encountered by the artist during a total of four stays for several weeks, above all in Mexico City, Oaxaca de Juárez, Juchitán and Hermosillo. The portraits and still lifes bring to the fore the travelling artist’s openness towards generic yet unexpected situations.

Mexican panorama

Strong colours, exuberant vegetation, vigorous life and a kind of visibility of death and transience that is unfamiliar to European eyes – all of this is conveyed by the breathtakingly intense images contained in this group of works. Pieter Hugo was particularly impressed by the sensibility of Mexican cultures and by the contrasts that coexist within the country. Violence and community spirit, decay and eros, joy and tragedy, extravagance and banality – the artist saw all of these as being present in equal measure.

We meet street sweepers whose amateur dramatic society recreates scenes from a monumental mural by revolutionary painter David Alfaro Siqueiros. In the Mexican Civil War in the 1920s, the titular folksong “La Cucaracha” – “The Cockroach” – was reworked by both the rebels and the dictator’s soldiers as a satire on one other. To this day, there are always new versions of the song with satirical lyrics referencing present day issues. A series of portraits shows the full-fledged transgender “muxe” culture of Juchitán; here, Pieter Hugo is more interested in the aspect and expression of an older generation than in the stereotypical cult of youth that is more usually shown. Young people, old people, a wedding, prostitution, combat sports, slaughtering of cattle, a nudist beach, and a forensic facility – the images run the entire gamut of the comédie humaine. This is how people live together – in their time, at specific locations and in this one world.


One constant element in the photographer’s work is the profound respect he has for his protagonists, whose dignity always remains intact. His portraits are not snapshots, but are carefully executed in classical, static positions. They give the photographer and his subjects the space and scope they need to condense into a two-way observation the outer appearance with inner attitude and general life circumstances with individual backgrounds. The truth is to be sought where self-image and external perception overlap. And it is doubtless to be found in the authenticity and immediacy of the personal encounter that is transferred to the observer.

La Cucaracha

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