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In Jubileum, Haga Kristensen conducts a self-survey in the format of a jubilee, while simultaneously exploring the characteristics of ornamentation as a phenomenon of identification and collective imagination, and the occurrence of historical movements on even the most trivial sites. An extensive series of print editions based on his anniversary collections, reworkings and re-digestions of a number of motifs from Haga Kristensen’s oeuvre is carried out in the graphical technique of gravure, creating an ornamenting circumstance that runs throughout the show. Beside these Haga Kristensen exhibits 11 monumental paintings in frames ornamented with reliefs also sourced from previous motifs, and 16 sculptural repetitions holding up abstract similarities, all from a series entitled The Work of Art and The Spiritualization of Self-empowerment. Furthermore, presented is the art work Les Origines moqueuses (Le scepticism du doute 01), a frame containing 28 paintings which also performs the function of a wall separation, a variation on the iconostasis, a staple of orthodox temple architecture.


  • Galleri Brandstrup Oslo's Exhibitions 25
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