Je me souviens

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Je me souviens

The Novel Je me Souviens is an ode to life: the ordinary, the extraordinary, the trivial and the crucial. Pleasure of remembering moments lived, experiences had, stories heard, facts learned, secrets overheard, encounters shared is the true subject of this exhibition. Paul Aster said that ‘to read Georges Perec one must be ready to abandon oneself to a spirit of play’.

« I remember that Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian are the patron saints of shoe-makers. »

« I remember pink dress shirts. And bola ties. »

« I remember when polio was the worst thing in the world. »

« I remember that Stendhal liked spinach. »

« I remember when a kid told me that those sour clover-like leaves we used to eat (with little yellow flowers) tasted so sour because dogs peed on them. »

« I remember beard tennis: you counted the number of beards you spotted in the street: 15 for the first, 30 for the second, 40 for the third, and “game” for the fourth. »

fragments from Je me souviens by Georges Perec, 1978

Je me souviens

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