LUNGLEY Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Jack Killick. The exhibition includes a new sculpture Untitled (2019) in the main gallery and a new configuration of Collapse (2018) that currently inhabits the old coalbunker.

Killick's sculptures are often made up of largescale forms and objects that are arranged in complex installations where mass and volume are determined by the space within which they find themselves. Taking inspiration from his surroundings Killick creates imposing installations that can be at once intimidating and mischievous. He builds antimonumental sculptures from inexpensive, household materials such as cardboard, fabric, plywood, polystyrene, scrim and plaster, leaving the seams of their construction visible, revealing the methods of their making.

Untitled (2019) was made to measure the architectural scale of the gallery, physically obtrusive and intrusive the object stretches from floor to ceiling, almost overfilling the space, making it impossible to view the object as a whole from any one point. The experience of viewing the work is compromised and projects a contradictory identity: monumental on the one hand and absurd on the other.

Collapse (2016-18) made up of interrelated, autonomous pieces precariously stacked inside that can only be viewed through a hatch in the door that reveals a scene that evokes feelings of excess, chaos and disproportion. Each time the work is installed, it is slightly altered in its configuration in response to its surroundings. Killick says 'I see it as many separate objects that are brought together to seem like an indeterminate mass of architectural fragments, collected and condensed or repurposed'.

Collapse has been exhibited in three different locations beginning its journey at Trinity Buoy Wharf, before moving on to Block 336 in Brixton for New Contemporaries and on to Burlington Gate, a new office and residential development in Mayfair featuring a permanent exhibition space for recent graduates from the Royal Academy Schools, Collapse was the first work to be exhibited in the space.


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