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The exhibition project "Irreversible" by Pal B. Stock is about the impossibility of finding the moment, the desire, the lost feeling. It's about what each of us had to leave behind for various reasons. The concept of irreversibility in itself contains the reference to a transformation, or to a process that can only be produced in one sense. A transformation that can no longer return to the initial state.

The creation of Pal B. Stock describes the fragility of feelings, memories, desires and illusions. Man's destiny is marked by events and unrepeatable situations, desires and unprecedented sensations. Pal B. Stock's works can send you with the thought of Marcel Proust's "In Search of Lost Time", which reads: “The memory of a certain image is nothing else but just the regret after a certain moment; and the houses, the streets, the alleys are quickly passing, oh, like the years”.

“Irreversible” is an exhibition about remembering and memories. To drop out to memories means to lose the vital substance, to become a vacuum devoid of personality. Pal B. Stock does not represent objects, landscapes, rooms; it represents feelings, sensations, desires, the memory of a moment, of a touch. His works express the joy of life, the infinite life pulsations, fragility. Vivid colors’, animated by light and shadows, continuously change the visual perception of the viewers.

The use of an organic material such as beeswax or a fragile one, like glass, in the composition of the works, describes the irreversibility of the creation process. The way shapes and effects arise from uncontrollable and unrepeatable transformations. The beeswax/ resin surface used in his works can be seen as a human tissue field with certain feelings expressed through infinite colors. The glass talks about the fragility and the fluidity of life.

Curator: Diana Dochia, PhD


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