For several decades now, the globalisation phenomena have incited anthropologists to reflect upon their immediate environment rather than faraway lands. From that point, the notion of ‘ordinary’ becomes an object of research in itself.

French philosopher George Pérec was one of the first to point out the value of analyzing “what happens every day and recurs every day: the banal, the quotidien, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the background noise, the habitual”1, rather than limit oneself to analysing the extra-ordinary. Pérec, Barthes and Certeau were some of the first thinkers who no longer explored the exotic, but focused on the endotic. Daily life was then thought to be “the cornerstone of our reality” 2 at the heart of first-hand experience.

This exhibition presents the work of Mireille Blanc, Louise Boulter, Laetitia de Chocqueuse and Vincent Kriste on the subject of infra-ordinary. The works on display are addressing directly the domestic environment: both our habits and our penchant for possession are called into question. The objects of our everyday are considered like “rare, new and singular things”3 from a cabinet of curiosities. Each artist defines a visual micro-sociology that translates a certain re-enchantment of daily life.

In the same vein as John Armelder’s Furniture Sculpture, Vincent Kriste constructs images that oscillate between paintings and objects. His use of acrylic enables him to heighten his perception of matter and texture. Like two-dimensional sculptures, Vincent Kriste’s works are a reflection as much on the appearance of the material world as they are on the reality of the banal object.


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